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Your Favor is on the Way!

Hey Queens!

Welcome to DarleneMHill.Com where fashion, faith, beauty, and lifestyle awaits you!I aim to dispel the idea that loving makeup, fashion, and taking pride in your appearance is vain!

Presenting ourselves to the best of who God designed us to be, gives Him glory! So, don’t ever allow someone to project their convictions or insecurities onto you!

I’ve often reminded myself that I have the grace, power, and strength to walk this very myth out!

I was created for a time such as this to make this journey a more exciting and inspiring one for you!

Through my social platforms I will share my experiences as a wife, mother, friend, daughter, and entrepreneur. I hope by sharing my passions, personal journey, experiences, and struggles I can inspire you to do the things that bring you joy and remind you that you are not too old, you have not missed your window of opportunity, and God has moments of favor in your future for you to go after those dreams you’ve been dreaming……..through faith, fashion, and beauty of course!

This is our time; this is our moment!


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