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2022 Spring and Summer Color Trends

One of my joyous responsibilities to you is to watch what is trending in fashion, beauty products and to keep you inspired with faith motivations and inspirations. I’ve been watching what will be the hottest and most popular colors for the 2022 spring and summer seasons. Yellow and pink it is! Yes, yellow and pink will be the most popular colors for this spring and summer. So, if you haven’t already, go ahead and start searching for those pieces you love because the season is upon us and those pieces you like might be hard to find!

The truth about me is I’m not a big fan of bold colors! I’m a neutral color girl. Wearing all black is my favorite choice. However, I’ve been slowly easing into some color pieces. When you grow up thinking that your skin color is too dark to wear the bold colors like yellow, pink, and green, you become hesitant to give them a try. But again, I’m slowly easing into different colors, and I look forward to sharing some inspirational pics with you!

These are other trending colors for this year:

  • Popcorn Yellow (a light yellow)

  • Sky blue

  • White

  • Lilac

  • Orange

I’m pretty sure you will want to become part of this fashion spring and summer season trend. Join in and have fun with what will feel new and refresh. Enjoy these fashionable colors this season!


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