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My favorite fall and winter liquid foundations

Liquid foundations are a must for my makeup bag. There are many options! But it’s so important that you find the right foundation for your skin type and makeup goals. I love the natural look my foundation gives. I have oily skin, so I am always looking for a full, 24-hour wear, sheer, soft matte coverage.

Here are my favorite foundations and why:

This is a 24-hour wear skin caring foundation.

Stays on all day and for the queens who love the benefit of wearing makeup and sunscreen at the same time, this one is for you. It comes with SPF-35.

This is a stay-in-place foundation and has a great full coverage for the queens who prefer to cover up blemish and aging spots.

This is a long wear foundation, full coverage, eliminates oil shine for my queens who has oily skin like myself and it also has SPF 15 (sunscreen)

This is a soft matte foundation that gives complete full coverage.

What about you? Do you have any of these? Do you like any of these? Do you switch up from summer to fall and winter?


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